Whats up with Blade and Soul??

Blade and Soul is available to the public, Free to play, and fun to play!!

I decided to give the game a try after the beta events I was invited too last year. From what I got to see there is no real changes from the beta to release. The character creation is typical to NCSoft games, detailed. Tons of choices to customize your character, and I have seen many different characters while playing, none are the same!! (as long as people don’t use straight preset characters :D) Half the fun is designing your own character!!

Here are mine as they are currently!!

Kittlin is my Lyn, Blade Dancer, and is one of my favorite characters so far! Lynna is my Jin, Assassin that I exclusively play with my sister as. And finally is my Lyn, Summoner, who I exclusively play with my boyfriend as. It is clear I like the Lyn race the best, who wouldn’t love the short adorable little guys! The Jin and Gon also have exclusive classes, the Lyn seem to have two (which are my favorites so far). My sister likes the Destroyer the best so far, and my boyfriend the Assassin. Typical of them both. 😉  You will have to check out my video to find out what classes are available for which race. 😀

I took the liberty of taking some screen capture of myself playing, of course staring Kittlin! The game play style (default) is rather unique, and due to this and my poor frame rate at time makes the video a bit jumpy. I apologize in advance for this. Now I did try to edit out as much of the loading screens as possible. The dungeon group finder has a bunch you end up going through, which is a bit annoying. I first finished some non story line side quests, and then move on to the Dungeon Daily’s! The first one I can solo myself rather well, so that’s me attacking “Pokey” the pet scorpion… seriously… how do you get a scorpion to grow that big? What did the guy feed it!!! The name is also ironic, in a way… So far it’s my favourite boss, since I like critters over people and ugly bug/squid things (plague mites)…. Sorta wished it was a giant spider, since my sister hates spiders and NCSoft does a good job of making them look extra creepy!! 😀 The giant scorpion it is, at least for now! In the video I proceed to do a couple other dungeon quests.

Blade and Soul Gameplay YouTube play

If you intend on playing, and have money to spend, I would greatly suggest that you pay for a premium membership. The servers do end up with wait times to get in, but with premium you are given priority. Since, I started playing right when the game came out we had wait times of up to a hour or more depending on server. A Premium Membership will help to minimize this.. yes you can play for free, but there are so many other benefits to premium. One such benefit is the XP and quest reward bonuses. Its really up to you, but your likely to play for at least a month or more then a Premium Membership will better your in game experience.

Happy Gaming!

-Kittlin Out

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