My First Closed Beta: Blade and Soul

So Blade and Soul  (BaS) by, NCSoft, is having a closed beta weekend. AND I happened to receive a free code for this weekend only. If you wanted to join the Beta Weekends you would have to pay at LEAST 25$ USD for a soon to be free to play online game. Lets just say its a bit of a rip off, having to pay for something when you can wait to play the game for free when it comes out. However, they need to make money somehow, and provide technical support for the game and other services. Anyways, Blade and Soul (BaS) will have the option to pay to play, possibly will be more of a “pay to win”, subscription service. I do not appreciate that anymore, having to subscribe to play. I have played WoW for quite a while, and with the new expansion ‘Legion’ coming out, I am done with it. Guild Wars 2 (GW2), has my attention, due to only having to pay for the game only once, and having the option to pay for content that tends not to give advantages in game. You could go and buy a bunch of stat boosters, however it is not much different than other items you can get in game for free. The main point here is that GW2 allows you the option of using real money or not to purchase in game content that is only really for style than function. It is also more affordable, and just as fun. I may try BaS again, however if you are on a budget and want to play a MMORPG, GW2 is likely the best from my experience.

Back to BaS, the controls are less point and click and encourages you to use the keyboard more than most other MMORPG games. There may only be a fraction of the keyboard used for combat, however there seem to be a ton of possible skill combos and some skills that will pop up when certain requirements are met. Quite unique to me. Personally, I like this type of control style, compared to point and click, which usually have the option of using the keyboard for skills in combat as well. I tend to want to click the skill panel to activate it, BaS just so happens to open up another play style. It was a great break from my usual gaming.

A couple pictures I took:


The graphics are typical NCSoft, very detailed character models, and world graphics try to look realistic and then just look awkward at times (Note that the game is in Beta stage). Still the graphics are good, and the animations are amazing. I choose to try the Blade Dancer class, and found the animations very cool. During the weekend, since I have other important things to do, I only had time to try the one class. I did like the story, and then realized EVERY character that you make goes though the same story line and the same quests, which can get very boring if you want more than one character.

I received this beta code for free this weekend. These are my observations so far. I am likely to provide more information if I get another chance to before the game comes out. Otherwise, if your interested, you will have to wait till early 2016. Sorry… I also have some screen capture which I will add as I have time to edit the raw captures.

Kittlin Out!!

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