Handmade Jewelry as Gifts for Christmas

Happy Holidays! I hope everybody had a great Christmas this year and an even better new year!

This year I opted to make my own gifts for the most part. I did find some unique gifts for a few people on my list, that I had to purchase. The majority of my list was females, so that allowed me to make jewelry for most. I have spent majority of the year looking up how-to’s for making jewelry and just ideas for my own creations, which has paid off. I have been told that my jewelry looks like store bought product, which was quite the complement, as they did not know I had made it at first.

Here is pictures of the jewelry I gifted this holiday season:

There is one bracelet that is missing from the photo album. It was a black ribbon and glass bead bracelet, which my sister received.

On another note, I also made an attempt at a metal chain dream catcher. As you can see bellow it turned out quite well! This was my gift to my wonderful boyfriend. His first question was “where did you find this?” and was a bit surprised that I had made it. ūüėÄ It has real (non dyed) feathers, with sunset quartz specimens within the ‘catcher’ portion. The biggest challenge was getting the chain to the right tightness as I was building the net portion of the dream catcher. There was many occurrences where I would have to redo or fix portions of the net to make it look even. The chains hanging down from the loop allow for charms or pictures to be hung from it. I also included small pictures of us in bezels that could be hung on the dream catcher, so that it was more of a personal gift.

Anyways, these projects were great fun and turned out beautifully. I am even thinking about making and selling some jewelry in the new year, perhaps another few dream catchers. ¬†I will also be receiving (hopefully soon) a set of chameleon color tone markers, and I am so very excited to get my hands on them! I am just waiting till they are in stock “locally”. Here is a link for you to check them out yourself, just click here to go to their homepage. Look forward to seeing what they can do and my take on them!

Happy New Years and a late Merry Christmas!


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