Handmade Christmas Gifts for 2017

Hello all! Sorry about the lack of posts yet again, but I just started a new wonderful job and had to transfer the ownership of the site domain. I am now hosting this site myself, with lots of help from my father who gave me ALOT of help getting the site onto my own domain account etc. It is now actually up, stable and I did not lose any of my data.  I am just getting back into a routine of sorts with this new job and the move out to Ontario.

So this last Christmas I was on a tight budget for gifts, so I opted again (with more effort than last year) to make my gifts. I knitted, painted, sculpted, and crafted up till the day. I made a couple funky necklaces, a dice rolling box, mittens (not gloves), and a couple of scarfs. I yet again could not post any of these gifts online until after the big day.

The Dice Box is not yet finished as it needs a bottom in the box. The insert (white piece holding the pens/markers) can be removed to roll dice in the bottom of the box. Of course the guy I made this for, got a lovely wooden dice roller stand. So we will see if the box gets finished… Oh well. I ended up making him a really nice scarf and currently working on a matching hat too.

The necklaces turned out exactly as I intended. The blue one has real blue gemstones. I forget what type of gemstone it is, but they are the small blue ones. The leaves where later soldered together. The brown necklace I had some fun with it and did not want to copy the blue one. So the big brown bead was used as the focus and two different types of beads on either side.

I cannot get any pictures of the scarfs and mittens I made, as I forgot and people are enjoying them. I will share the new stuff I knit. I have improved greatly.

Anyways, sorry for the long delay between posts. I started a new job and still adjusting. I have a few posts planned for the near future hopefully.

-Kittlin Out

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