Work’s In Progress Post

Hey people!
In the meantime, I decided to take some quick screen shots of current works in progress (WIP)!!
I recently have news of a few things that will be going on in the next month, and obtained a new little something that I will share when I find some more time. BUT for now you will have to make due with some WIP’s for now. ENJOY!

Flying Fire Fish WIP

This one is the most recent one I have started. It done in Corel Painter Lite, and this is just the ink outline for the final product. Working title is currently ‘Flying Fire Fish’.

Next (bellow), I have a REALLY old project that I am again redoing. ‘Jolteon Girl’, rocking it out 😛 . I did not like how the color was going for it so I decided to start again from scratch. (And touch up the line art, which was a bit messy for my liking. So far I just started with the skin… I pretty much know how I will go about finishing this one.

Jolteon Girl WIP

Finally is the color for ‘Dancing Dragon’. I believe I have the line art posted in my gallery already. I will update that when I finish the color. I believe this is essentially the color scheme I will stick with, however I am likely to change it.

Dancing Dragon Color WIP

I plan on posting some new developments regarding my artistry. There will be some changes happening,  so PLEASE KEEP POSTED for the post! 😀

Please note these pictures are very low quality compared to what the actual file is, and this is done deliberately. I recently discovered how evil people can be by using your posted pictures and selling/using them, without your knowledge!! Just amazing how greedy and inconsiderate people can be. If you are one of those people… get a life!!! Due to this, I will never post high quality versions of my art, and will always have some sort of watermark on them.

Again please do not use without permission or steal my art, Thanks!

P.S. Comments very are welcome!

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