Winter Plans and Projects 2015/2016

Just looking though my last post and uploading some pictures I have recently taken. Been thinking about the lack of posts. I have noticed that I am now doing more non-digital art in the last little while, thus why I have bunch of pictures to sort through. For now just showing a few of my recently finished little projects, will have to do. ‘Little’, because I have not had the time to work on anything larger. More attempts at jewelry making/wire wrapping, have occurred. I will have to share photo’s of those later, as I have given the projects away to family (or are gifts)….

New Colored Pencils

Yes, I got new colored pencils.This is likely the cheapest set I could get and still being good quality! Extremely pleased with this this set, they blend very nicely!! After testing these out, I dont want to bother getting a new set of prismacolor markers, which are expensive, and majority of mine have dried up. (I personally do not like the smell of them, but they are nice markers) I have two small pieces I have worked on in the last month (or so), that I am willing to share. If you are interested in a piece, please shoot me a email. I don’t bite, just rather busy at school…

The first one I call “Earthy Draco”. This guy I wasn’t sure if wanted to color him or not. (clearly I did decide to) He was just line art for a while, just staring at me from my desk… screaming ‘I am not finished yet!!!’ Like some sort of ghost.

Earthy Dragon

The next, and my favorite of the two, “Pink Rocker”. … That’s all I can come up with for now for a name. She was fun to work on, and was the first with the new set of pencil crayons. Please, note that these are pictures taken in my very dark apartment with the best lighting available, and the best camera available to me. It is a picture of a picture, which never truly reflect the real colors. They are a bit lighter than these pictures, in real life that is.

Pink Rocker

After a week or so of being too tired to draw when I got home from school, I decided to take out my watercolor pencils. I have two sets of the same brand, but for some reason the colors are slightly different between each pack. This doesn’t bother me, just have to remember which set I was using for what color. Since, Halloween is coming up I decided to sketch/paint a pair of pumpkins, with a black cat. Again here is a picture of the picture, which is a bit darker than it should be. However, this one was loads of fun, because I had just obtained a new set of black lining pens (on-sale for 50% off), and was able to use them for the first time! Okay, I only used one pen for this one, but I had a few choices.

Pumpkin and Black Cat

My parents were sort of observing me as I was working on this one. It is not typical to be taking a brush to your paper after just coloring with a pencil, but that is the nature of watercolor pencils. Basically, I had a audience while I was working. Usually, I don’t particularly like that, but I did not mind too much. Of course this was done on watercolor paper.

I plan on doing some more smaller works like these in the next few months. Likely to be done using either colored pencils or watercolors. Will also be looking into a better method of taking pictures, either more light or a slightly better camera. The one I have works rather well, once you remember how to get it to do what you want. However, my apartment is very dark, and even with my bright work lamps, I still produce rather dark pictures. I guess this will be a work in progress….

In the next couple of months I hope to achieve:

  1. WAY more progress on my Thesis. (yes this is not related to art, but it is important!!)
  2. A handful more Blog Posts. I have a notebook just filling up of things to write/do.
  3. More smaller non-digital or digital projects. Which I am welcoming suggestions for!!
  4. Make some Christmas presents… Which I will not share till after Christmas, good try people!
  5. Some sort of online store/commission page. This is a big MAYBE, right now!!

Seems like quite a bit right now, but will see how much happens. By the way if you have suggestions as to any subjects for art/projects/ or posts, please send a email to:

Thanks, for reading!!


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