Why Do People Like to Watch Me Draw

I do not enjoy it when people watch me draw during the fact. I can stand it when certain people watch me up to a point, and strangers I cannot stand it. It just drives me nuts, and I freeze up as soon as I notice. Therefore I generally draw when nobody is around.

Since I now do a lot of digital painting I have the option of recording the process! I just recently found a program that will allow me to do just that and record some of my gaming sessions. I of course will not be posting full, non-edited versions, unlike today. For some reason you cannot see the toolbars, but can see the pucks. Something to look into fixing… but it adds to the mystery of the process. 😛

Dragon Tribal Recording Part

This is a video of a pic I have been working on for a while on and off. Its some of my tribal art. I have done a few physical pieces for friends recently, so I decided to do a digital one. Plus it is easier on my black markers.


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