Whats with this “Adult Coloring Book” Craze??

Sadly, I have caught the adult coloring book craze as well! I as many others, have found it to be relaxing. There is also a nice product you get at the end regardless of your skill level. You seem to get something you can be proud of and show off. Now there is numerous options of adult coloring books. Some being very detailed and others being less so, both allowing you to still be creative. A few I have seen encourage you to do your own doodling, either giving you a theme or a outline to doodle in.

Quality of these books seems to vary quite a bit. Some have very nice thick paper, with drawings only on one side of the paper. Sometimes thick paper with drawings on both sides. In general, markers are not advised as they are likely to bleed through. Its up to you if you insist on using markers. I tend to use my pencil crayons, since I can color on both sides without the possibility of ruining the other side. The coloring books with thin paper tend to be the worst, since you tend to be able to see the drawing on the other side of the page no matter what you do. One work around is to scan the pictures and print on the on your own thicker paper. In my experience this still doesn’t always work since you still see the other side showing though in the scan. Yes, you can go and work the scanned image to get rid of what shows though. I find it a waste of time and money. One, half the time the pages are not letter sized, and will not scan in one go. You can still work around this, but it can be very annoying. The best ones for the price and quality are the Creative Haven Books, as shown above (in the header). Now, these are the ones I have obtained in the last few months, there is a wide range of themes available!! The paper is thick enough, printed on only one side, nicely detailed, and are perforated so you may easily take the pages out. (also easy to scan, for your personal use only!) These ones tend to run at about 8$, and contain around 30 different designs. I seriously suggest trying this brand!!

Coloring Book Covers

Some of the most popular books are the ones by Johanna Basford, such as the one above titled “Lost Ocean”. Lovely drawings on decent paper!! She does have them double sided with a few going into crease of the book. She also has another book “Secret Garden”, which is suppose to be really beautiful. However I found this in Wallymart when it was on sale!! The “Animal Kingdom” title was also a Christmas sale item, and it is also of good quality. Reasonably thick paper, however printed double sided with some of the art going into the crease of the pages. This one by Millie Marotta, is pretty good about avoiding the placement of the art going into the crease of the pages. Animorphia, is less as good as the previous ones… First the paper is really thin, and two almost all of the drawings go into the crease of the page!!! The art is amazing, however it is very annoying to color when you have to work into the crease of the page. The book above titled “Art Therapy Coloring Books, Mengerie and more”, is similar to the Creative Heaven books. It has perforated pages, and only printed on one side. As and added bonus the paper is nice and thick!! The art in this one is rather diverse, as the art ranges from extremely complex to simple. Thanks to how popular this tend has become there are TONS of options to try!! Amazon.ca has a wide range, however it is buyer beware! Unless you have a Prime subscription.. then you can simply send it back with little to no cost to you. Micheal’s probably is the best place to browse and get a good deal on a coloring book (Hooray for coupons!!). They have quite a selection last time I was in, some are even exclusive to the store, and as a added bonus they sell coloring tools!!

I am still experimenting myself with tools, and style of my coloring. It was clear to me that pencil crayons were the best tools, since they do not ruin the other side of the page and tend to be easier to blend colors. Bellow, I have a small selection of the pages I have completed. The beauty of it all is that there is no wrong way of coloring them!! It is all up to you, and you only!! Just remember it is suppose to be relaxing, so take your time and enjoy yourself!!

-Kittlin Out!!

Completed Colouring Pages Post

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