Video Art Process: Velvet Dragon Watercolor

Recently I decided to record myself trying (for the second time) a new, sort of “method” of coloring. Since, I don’t normally use watercolor paints (other than watercolor pencils and digital) I decided to give them a try. Therefore I decided to start with something I am feel comfortable drawing and then coloring… which would be a dragon. There was a first attempt of something simular, which turned out to be a learning experience. Basically, mixing the colors ahead of time helps immensely and saves time. The second thing I learned was not to be too detailed when painting, there is a reason there is pencil crayons and other mediums. Using the pencil crayons allowed me to add the texture and details I wanted, as watercolors can be difficult to control and to get what I want out of them.

Bellow is the video of the (sped up) process of the work, which can also be found on my YouTube Channel.

Velvet Dragon Watercolor YouTube play

This is the finished piece (bellow), which turned out very well. At first I was not happy with the outcome, however after a day or two of walking by and looking at it.. it grew on me. Therefore, I am quite happy with how it turned out.

velvet dragon watercolor

I have another piece which I have recorded the process for as well… and you may have seen a sneak peak of it on my Facebook Page! It is a free hand zen-doodle, but that is all I am going to say. Follow me on Facebook to find out more!


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