The First Colouring Pages of My Own

Finally a couple of my own colouring pages! Since I tend to do some sort of line art for the majority of my digital art, it is not overly difficult to produce a colouring page. The ‘Dancing Dragon’ piece is already partially coloured, however I have added to the line art to make it more interesting to colour. The “Faerie Dragon” piece is currently a work in progress, and I am not sure if I want to use the line art for the finished piece. The original idea for this piece did not include line art, however this piece makes a good colouring page. If you want a better look at the pages I would suggest clicking for a larger view, as the preview is a bit grainy.

These are the first step in creating my own colouring book! Currently enjoying the process of creating the line art for the colouring book, and once I have enough I hope to sell some books!

Thanks for checking them out! Next I am planning on adding to the gallery, to share some of my photography pics on my blog and offer prints. So don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or  by subscribing to my blog!

-Kittlin Out

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