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Hello again and happy holidays!

Earlier this year I got a new DSL camera as a graduation present, and since then I have been taking loads of pictures. The purpose of a lot of the pictures has sorta been a split between pictures for my blog and my budding photography hobby. Photography seems to go well with the blogging and my art. I get good quality pictures for my blog, some good references for new pieces and inspiration. It is a win win situation. Anyways, I figured I should share some of my favourite photos, so I sorted through the few hundred … maybe thousands of photos I have taken in less than 6 months to create a gallery.

Some of my favourites (of the favourites..) include the moon photos, the chickadee in the sunflowers, and the leopard. These were all taken around Nova Scotia, mainly in Margaretsville. Margaretsville has a unique still operational light house which is in the process of being taken over by a local non-for profit group to save it from being torn down. The Department of Fisheries is looking to tear down and replace these lights with a pole. Well this lighthouse happens to be on the list and has a lot of history behind it, so the community is pitching together to persevere it. Anyways, the lighthouse is a very nice subject and I have probably taken a few hundred pictures of it to date. The ones found in the gallery are my favourites.


I use Corel PaintShop Pro X8 to somewhat touch up and put my mark on the photos. My new camera usually does a beautiful job on its own, so now I only really use this program to edit pictures for others. There have been a few occasions where this program is quite the lifesaver, like when I want to use/print pictures taken from my old camera.

Feel free to inquire about prints for any of these photos. I would be happy to oblige. I will soon be adding this gallery to the main header of my blog and expect new additions to the gallery periodically!

Kittlin out!


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