New Art and Experimenting with Prints

A couple nights ago I decided to try to finish a piece I have been working on on and off. Something I have been calling: Winged Dragon Tribal.

As seen here (and in the gallery):

Winged Dragon Tribal  Simple

So after finishing I decided to play around with it and make a fun background. Well first I had a water colored pink background. It looked okay. So I decided to try something more dragon-like, so I tried a yellow/green gradient pattern. I rather liked it and it didn’t seem to busy. So I printed that one on a 13×19 watercolor sheet, and then proceeded to try some different effects. My favorite, and only saved one is the inverted color one (in the pic bellow that would be the pink background with white dragon). I of course could easily change the color of the background to suit, so I never bothered to save any others. I may experiment with producing backgrounds for the tribal art. By accident I found a surefire way to make a ‘torn’ edge effect, when I was only trying to print boarder-less properly. I did end up with a actual border-less print (the letter sized paper in the pic bellow). The larger sheets should have some white border on it, mainly for handling, and partially for framing.


Anyways.. this is mainly what I mean when I refer to ‘custom prints’ I can change certain aspects if it pleases me. I have yet to come up with pricing due to the fact I am still experimenting. I now realized that large fully colored prints (like shown here), use quite a bit of ink compared to a plain white background. This is something I would like to accommodate into any pricing, I decide upon.

Anyways,  thanks for reading and Enjoy!

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