Margaretsville Area Photography

A week ago, I went out to the Margaretsville (Nova Scotia, Canada) shore to take some pictures. I was a beautiful spring day, warm with the sun shining. Thankfully the tide was in the process of going out, so I could walk down to the falls and take pictures from that angle. Margaretsville has a unique lighthouse, white with a black stripe, as shown in the first two pictures.

Margaretsville, still has a good portion of its original wharf. Sadly it is beginning to fall apart and is not safe to use or walk on, however it is still photogenic. Above is a picture from nearby the first water fall, and bellow is a picture from the shore closer to the wharf. The bellow picture shows pieces of the wharf and driftwood, accumulated over the winter storms.

There is also two waterfalls, one from runoff and fed by a small stream. In the spring this waterfall is large and is very loud due to the extra water. This is fresh water going into the bay.

And I have a few fun pictures from that outing. The first is some washed up seaweed among the rocks, and bellow that is a wave going over some of the rocks on the shore. I thought they where neat pictures. Enjoy.


All of these pictures where taken in Margaretsville Nova Scotia (Canada), early April 2017. I would suggest visiting the area during the summer as it is beautiful, even the Annapolis Valley, which is nearby is lovely.

Sorry for this post being so late.. I have been busy traveling and then busy dealing with personal things. I yet again will try to post things more often… Anyways all of these pictures are in my photography gallery, and are available for prints if you wish (please ask me). These pictures are not the quality of the originals, and the originals have been saved especially for prints.

Thanks for reading!

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