Light-box’s, Tracing, and Markers

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Hope your on track with your new year resolutions!

I have mentioned previously, that I received a light-box/tracing table for my birthday late last year (no not long ago). I have included a few pictures of it in use bellow. One thing I realised right away is that I should never bother using any sort of tape with it again. The tape ruins the paper when you go to remove it. Also, majority of the time you can get the thinner sketchbook paper to cling to the table. I received the Huion rechargeable LED light pad, which has a adjustable illumination, is extremely thin and light weight. The lit space is 12.2″ by 8.3 and fits a A4 sized sheet nicely. It works very well with my marker and watercolour papers. Very happy with this puppy!

I had to test it out ASAP. Therefore, I took pages from a old sketchbook of mine to trace. The two sketchbook pieces I decided to trace using the new light-box are as shown bellow, which I traced onto one large sheet of Vellum Bristol paper, which is well suited for use with alcohol markers.

Both designs where colored using my prismacolor markers and then lined with my Faber-Castell fine-liners. I am particularly impressed with the Faber-Castell markers, they are a rich black, the ink lays down, and dries quick. I had to do the lining after coloring with my prismacolors as the pigment in the fine-liners will be moved around by the alcohol in the prismacolors. A dye based fine liner would work best if you wanted to color over your inked lines. I currently only have pigmented fine-liner markers, which is fine by me. Bellow are the resulting designs, and they turned out very nicely. These two designs have been added to my Gallery Here!

Thanks for reading!! Here is a little teaser for what is to come involves a certain brand of alcohol marker which allows you to get multiple tones from one pen!! Also some more completed coloring pages will be posted soon! Pretty exciting stuff! 😛

-Kittlin Out

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