Happy Halloween

Been messing around with a new video program, Corel Video Studio Pro X8. Decided to re-do my Halloween Cat piece, the one in watercolor pencils, digitally since the new video program comes with screen capture. This program actually will show all my tool bars, and boxes. As well as shows my cursor quite clearly. It is a interesting program, not too difficult to use, and does not crash randomly like windows movie maker… Next time I will have to make sure all the programs that will produce pop-ups are closed… got a few emails, and Dropbox decided to update a few times too. Should avoid recording that stuff…

This was a lot of fun to work on, even if it was for a second time and with a different media. Decided to make the cat not as dark this time, with some patterns in her fur. I will very soon load this piece up into the gallery. I have been doing a few random sketches, which I am likely to share later. No video for those, as I tend to stop and go when working on them.

Halloween Cat Speed Painting YouTube play

Let me know what you think!!


Kittlin out!


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