Exhibition Frames- Summer 2015-Part 1

I had a few goals going into the summer (retaining to my hobbies, not work :D):

1. Work on my art portfolio. I had been seriously lacking in producing some new artworks over the winter, seriously needed to change that.

2. Do something big. The idea here was to produce prints, and hopefully sell them. Or do something to get my art out there more, this was sorta hand in hand with selling prints of my electronic work.

3. Quit WoW, which consistently distracted my attention from my art. I would prefer to play in any spare time I happened across. Of course it was also a money grab, still seems to be at the moment.

I have produced and finished several projects this summer. Most seem to be just finishing older projects that I had started but not yet finished. Either way I am producing art, slowly but surely.

As to the second goal, I did invest in a art printer. Which allows me to print high quality prints, up to 13 inches wide. I am extremely impressed with the printer, Epson Artisan 1430. There are a TON of different paper types, all of which produce a different effect when printed on. So far my favorite paper is from Inkpress. The ‘Watercolor Rag’ type adds a lovely watercolor paper texture to the print. I have yet to try another large size type due to the price. However, I have been able to try some 8×11 sheets. So far the Exhibition Fiber paper from Epson is my favorite, right up there with the Premium Photo Matte. I guess my next little project will be to try the Exhibition paper in a larger format, provided I can get my hands on some.

So this is how the whole project started:

While at my parents cottage one weekend, under my parents recommendation, I took some of my art prints down to the little art shack down by the wharf. The ‘Artists Circle’ sells local art in a little shack during the summer months. The owner liked my prints, we had a little discussion, and he suggested that I submit my art to the local Exhibition coming up. Shortly after that is when I decided to make some custom frames. You know.. because buying store bought ones are quite expensive, and generic. SO with my dad’s help, we started the process to make some custom frames. I ordered some mat’s, and backing for the frames. You need a mat if you are going to permanently frame your art, and it also help’s to add a professional look to your art. I had never made.. or even ordered mat’s before, so I decided to go with simple style with generic black and white. I ended up with a extremely professional look in the end. Dad bought some nice Pine boards to make the frames with, we waited till the mat’s arrived and then till I could visit.

Here are some teaser pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

Making some big wood into smaller pieces for the frames


One of the frames design, mind no paint yet. There was a bit of a discussion as to how to get the effect.. but it ended up being perfect.


This is a picture of one of my prints with its mat on top, no frame yet! Had to see how they look, after we un-packed them. This is a double mat, white and black, with a 1/4 inch reveal. The mat’s and backings were purchased from The MatShop.ca, they were even awesome with the shipping. No damages, and almost impossible to unpack :D. They are located in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks a bunch MatShop!!

20150808_093334My art will be in the Annapolis Valley Exhibition coming up starting the 17th of August (2015). Be sure to check it out if you have the chance!!!!

Well, that is all for now! Stay Tuned for Part 2, where I will go into some details and reveal the final product!

Kittlin, OUT!

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