Exhibition Frame Project Results

Since, I am away on vacation, visiting my boyfriend. I have been unable to physically see my art (and frame’s) on display at the Annapolis Valley (Lawrencetown) Exhibition. Some of my family has been able to go by and take a look at my pieces, also to let me know how I did.
Surprisingly, all three of my submissions, which are all in different categories had placed. I am now an award winning artist..in a way. 😀 I got two second place’s and a first place!!! Not too shabby.

DSCF8760 DSCF8761 DSCF8762 DSCF8764

The first place was my Winged Tribal Dragon piece with the black frame in the abstract-Any Medium section. The next one is the Fire Fish with the bronze frame, in the Watercolor Animals section, which placed second. Finally the Feathered Wolf in the red frame, in the Ink Drawing section, placed second as well. My favorite is defiantly the Winged Tribal Dragon, especially now that it received first place. 😀

Currently, my art is still displayed at the Annapolis Valley Ex! So If you have a chance to go by, check it out. And by the way, I am not 100% sure I will be selling these framed pieces, but I will accept offers. So if your interested please send me a email! I will have them back sometime early September when I am back from my vacation and settled in. Can’t wait to possibly put them up at my apartment!

Kittlin, out!

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