Chameleon Pens: Changing Color

Hello All!

I recently obtained these wonderful markers thanks to my boyfriend for Christmas/my birthday. The Chameleon Color Tone Markers! These are double ended artist quality alcohol ink markers, so they have all the benefits of alcohol markers but have one special trick. You can create these wonderful one pen blends! By using the mixing chamber, the top end of the marker, you can fuse the marker tip with colorless toning medium to produce multiple tones. I got the 22 marker set as pictured bellow. It comes with 20 markers, a blender, a fine point marker, and a few replacement nibs. I love these pens!! You can do more with less, and get beautiful gradients all with one pen.

Here are some coloring pages I have completed recently using these markers! You can see I enjoy ‘fusing’ the markers to get these lovely color transitions. Click on the the camera icon over a picture to view a larger version.

Chameleon Pen Coloring Pages

Recently for Valentines day my boyfriend sent me these lovey orchids and personal love note. I was so fascinated by the color, I decided to color them using the chameleon markers (he came up with the idea originally). Here is the result bellow! As you can see the piece turned out wonderfully. It was done on a piece of white card stock, with the pencil sketch copied from pieces of sketchbook using my tracing box. Knew that light box would be useful. The Orchids where done using only 6 markers. It was 5 markers until I added the stems.


On another note! I received a little Go-Pro type video camera for Christmas, and have been getting around to using it. Quickly realised I needed a small tripod, as a tea tin was not really ideal. It is a cute little tripod and is perfect for recording myself painting or coloring.

Some of my recent videos are as follows:

Watercolor Dragon Dude:

My most recently completed and posted video. This video was done with my new Go-Pro camera, and it took a while to get it looking good as the camera has a fish-eye effect. I recently learned how to remove this effect, as well as flip the entire video. The finished piece is included in my art gallery.

Watercolor Dragon Dude YouTube play

Velvet Dragon Watercolor

Another watercolor progress video. This one was not done with the new Go-Pro camera, however I thought to share it again.

I am yet again sorry for taking forever between posts. However I have been busy prepping for a couple interviews, editing video, and coloring. Next time (soon)  I hope to have a video using the Chameleon markers. If you want more information regarding these wonderful markers go to

Enjoy the spring like weather!! Our snow is almost all gone!

-Kittlin Out

2 thoughts on “Chameleon Pens: Changing Color

  • October 15, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Hi I’m thinking of buying these pens.. I happened to find your post.. I’ve been slowly buying copics but these might be better.. on sale ATM locally.. so love your orchids!!

    • December 24, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      I decided entirely not to buy copics, so hard to find in store, and these I really like!


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