Black Background Zendoodles

Hello, fellow art enthusiasts and gamers! I present to you black paper and gel pen zendoodles! I had found the creme de la creme of gel pens a few months ago these jelly roll pen’s, which I have recently added to my collection. I had started out with only a set of 10 and felt like I could use a couple more colors, mainly metals and a white pen. I also found some a cheap black paper pad, as a decent black paper sketchbook is not easy to find and if you do find one it is expensive. But 5$ for a pad of cardstock paper is not bad, especially for testing and experimenting with these pens.

What I like about these pens is that the ink comes out smoothly and there seems to release more ink than other pens I have used. I like this because this is similar to a paint brush, at least to me. So I get nice consistent lines, with no sudden breaks in the ink, and it looks a lot like paint. I found that like other gel pens that these take a while to dry, perhaps a bit longer than most. Therefore I find it is important to work strategically when doodling, otherwise, it ends up on your hands and smudges.

Over the last few months usually when I was on the go or needed to simply doodle I would work on these black background zen doodles with my Gelly Roll gel pens. Here are what I have finished recently:

Black Zen Doodle Project

I will add these to my gallery page in the near future, I have yet to decide if I want a separate gallery for this project or not. I have more art coming that I will be sharing! I have not been able to do as much as I normally would recently due to certain events and not having access to the majority of my art supplies. However, I have been adapting and making the most out of what I have available.

Feel free to ask questions or share some of your own works!

Kittlin Out!


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