Back in Action: Masters and the Move

I’m back!! I have finally finished my Master Degree!! My Thesis has been written and defended successfully in April! The rest of May has been spent moving out of my apartment and into our family’s cottage in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia. The view at the cottage is a huge improvement compared to in the city!! This is a temporary location, so my proper art desk is in pieces and I am living out of bins. I somehow managed to condense all my art’s and crafts supplies to one sad looking bin….

Art Supplu Bucket

I at least have a brightly lit area to do some sketching, doodling or coloring. I have found and started using my Prismacolor markers again. I have also have been expanding on that marker collection. I also recently found a set of Bic markers which act very similarly to the alcohol based Prismacolor’s. Now I would LOVE to have COPIC markers, however they are expensive and I already have a set of Prismacolor’s. Anyways, expect some finished coloring pages and art using both sets of markers.

Fariy Dragon_Bic Marker_CP

I have finally been able to set up and play BaS recently, since I have not seriously been able to play for over 2 months. Essentially, been leveling my Blade dancer, Kittlin and as of today she is lvl 47. Getting bored of the game, as I have not been able to keep up with the new content, which makes me sad. However it is difficult to  have a life and keep up with what everyone else is doing in the game. There are whole area’s that are pretty much deserted, so you cannot find groups to do certain quests. For the lower leveled content you tend to get lvl 50’s doing the dungeon runs, and they have NO consideration for the low leveled players. It has gotten ridiculous!

I have upgraded my PC a couple of times since I last posted, so don’t be surprised If I show off some of the new parts. 😀 My father has managed to successfully built his own quad-copter, and more recently a 3D printer. Expect details later, as this will be very cool!

This summer is expected to consist of going out of the country for a vacation, looking for a job now that I have completed my Master’s, and some art (hopefully)!! I intend on sharing my input on some of my more recent coloring book additions, and completed pages. Since, I recently obtained Corel Painter 2016, expect some of my thoughts on the program and artwork. Corel Painter 2016 was expensive, and is known as a professional digital painting program, therefore should be good!

Anyways, its nice having some time to just breathe and do what I want for the most part 🙂

Kittlin Out!!

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