Back from Vacation

Recently I went to visit my boyfriend, and enjoy my vacation time with him. Now I am back, and starting to get back into things. Like usual I have started new projects without finishing older ones. Something that I should stop. For some reason this ‘habit’ of mine does not affect my school work, I always seem to get things done one way or another. I intend to graduate this Fall semester, so I will be busy. And I am also TA’ng my usual course on top of that, so Extremely busy in the next few months..

I have a few little projects that I am finishing up, such as the WIP’s (Works in Progress) that I recently posted. Such as the featured image on this post. And to get some sort of store up for my prints. I have recently decided that I will only print so many of each to sell, so look forward to that, soon-ish… Of course this will be done in any free time I get in the next 4 months, as I try to graduate. During this time I would love to finish the projects I currently have started, and continue to post in the mean time. Mainly to create more finished art, and as an added bonus more prints. Currently, my main focus is to graduate this semester, so no promises, just would be nice to get some of my projects done.

One of the newer, little projects that I would like to share, I just recently started. My boyfriend and I happened on some really neat little earnings while we were at the mall. They were two post earnings chained together, which is something that you don’t normally see. I sorta got it in my head that I could make similar ones, myself. So we went to the local Micheal’s store and bought a few things. And my boyfriend helped me make a pair of my own. This is something that could be tons of fun to do for myself, along with stone wrapping to make pendants and possibly earrings. Just today I made my second attempt, using jewelry wire to make earnings with some of the neat stones I have. My first attempt was a little sad-looking, a pendant, but I’m thinking that practice makes perfect. Something like this will be my next attempt: Just need a lot more practice…

wire wrapping stones techniques

Anyways, getting settled again and fighting off a swarm of fruit flies that have infested my apartment.

Kittlin, out!!


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