Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Hello again!

It has been a while since I have last posted anything! This post is very late since this all happened in mid August. I was away for work for a while, and it happened very suddenly. I hope to be more consistent with my posting, but all I can do is try for now. Anyways, here is what I have to share!!

I yet again submitted some art to the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. I submitted to two framed pieces this time. Last year I submitted three. Where two revived 2nd place and the third received a 1st place ribbon, in their respective categories. This year I submitted into the Ink Drawing and Watercolour Animals categories. The Ink Drawing I submitted is called ” Winged Tribal” and is shown bellow. (The top pic was taken afterwards at home, and the second picture was taken at the exhibition) The ‘Winged Tribal” piece received first place in its category, and this piece is the same size I submitted last year ( approx. 28×18 inches). I will be adding this to the gallery soon, and is available as a print.

valley ex ink 2016 close up

valley ex ink 2016

The other piece that was submitted was a smaller one that I have had sitting around for a while. I have called this one “Midnight Flight Tribal” and it was submitted in the Watercolour Animals category. This piece received second place in its category. For this piece I used a store bought frame which I painted to go with the art, and a hand made mat to fit the odd size of the artwork. It was not a overly fancy framing job, however it still looked very good up on the wall at the exhibition. Bellow is a couple of pictures of the framed art (the first picture was taken at the exhibition, and the second one was taken at home afterwards) There is a scanned (better) version of this artwork in the gallery, so you could check it out later!

valley ex animals watercolor 2016

valley ex animals watercolor 2016 closeup

Overall, this years submissions did well. They may have been a last minute rush for me to get them into the exhibition, but it all happened and went well. It was nice actually going to the exhibition this year, since last year I was at school and then travelling. I also found out that there is a photography competition that I have been told I should submit my stuff to. My boyfriend thinks I have some pretty lovely pictures I have taken that would be more than worthy of being shared. It was nice to see the other art submissions as well as lots of well kept farm animals, as per the pictures shared bellow. Can’t forget about the beautiful horses that competed!!

If your interested in a print or purchasing one of my framed prints/works, please feel free to contact me!

-Kittlin Out!

Valley Exhibition Animal Pics 2016


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