Adult Colouring Craze: My Completed Coloring pages and More!

Hello again!

I’m sure your familiar with the Adult Coloring Book craze.  Or at least noticed that pencil crayons are in high demand! Majority of stores now have some sort of pencil crayons or coloring media in stock now, and adult coloring books. Some people color for relaxation, while for me I do it for the practice and partially relaxation. Coloring some of these intricate pages helps to develop color pallets/combinations and how best to blend and apply the color depending on the medium used. You just need something to color with, a coloring book, and some music and you have a relaxing evening ahead of you.

I thought I would share some of my completed coloring pages with you guys. I have recently taken to scanning and printing out the pages on larger thicker paper, which is not difficult to do if you have the tools. Using markers with most coloring books is almost impossible to do without destroying the other side of the page where another image is available to colour. By scanning and printing the page on a separate sheet of paper solves this problem, as well as allows you to complete the book again for further enjoyment. Also a larger coloring page allows for more details to the page or color to be applied.

Coloring Book Pages Layout

All of the colouring book pages shown here are done with Prismacolor markers, except for one (the dragon with the book, which is done with pencil crayons). I had not quite yet gotten into using the markers till recently (I think March 2016), even though I have a large set from a birthday. I am getting to the point where I am comfortable using these markers for my own art, after being able to practice with the colouring book pages. These markers are best for large projects, which also allow for more blending and other effects to be applied. Slowly been expanding and replacing markers in my Prismacolor collection. I still would love to try Copic markers at one point!

Prismacolor Marker Collection

My favourite colouring Books so far would have to be Dragon Adventure: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book by Rachael Mayo from Kaleidoscopia Coloring Books and Howl by Katy Lipscomb from Blue Star Coloring. Both can be found on, for a reasonable price. I will also note that majority of the Creative Haven coloring books are also very good! However if you where looking for some free coloring pages to try, I would recommend Blue Star Coloring’s Inspire program. I am currently subscribed to Insipire, for free coloring pages once a month.  You can pay for access to more or better quality coloringpages. Blue Star updates the pages they have every so often, so you always end up with some new ones. I intend on creating my own coloring pages, and hope at one point I can publish a coloring book of my own 😀 so keep your eyes out!

Bellow are some of my more recent completed coloring pages so check them out! Thanks for reading, Kittlin out!


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