Hey, Thanks for Visiting! This is my Gallery Blog, so please take some time to look at my gallery’s!! I currently have a photography, my Art pieces, and a gallery of my completed coloring pages. My posts include video process of my work, reviews, personal art experiences, gaming and gaming reviews. I am currently also adding jewelry, knitting and sewing projects I have completed. I also post a lot of Works in Progress on my Facebook page, which tend not to be posted here. Therefore make sure to follow my Facebook page or sign up for my newsletter/notifications through my blog.

I tend to share my current works (and those in progress) and occasionally videos of the process. Since a lot of my art is influenced by video games and I love playing games, I am very likely to include posts regarding that too! (and game reviews) I have also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, so do not be surprised to see some of my character art as well!

I currently have means of producing prints, therefore please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a print!

Prints of Winged Tribal Dragon

I will eventually be adding some information regarding prints, and commissions. In the meantime feel free to contact me!

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